Dyne Engine Equipment - Recording Studio Ancona

Studio Equipment

DAW, Software, summing

    Pro Tools 10/12
    Universal Audio UAD Octo Core
    Slate Digital Everything Bundle
    DMG Equilibrium
    DMG Limitless
    DMG Essence
    Acustica Audio Mastering Eq Bundle
    Hofa DDP Creator
    Slate Trigger 2 Platinum
    Antelope Orion 32
    Forssell Mada-2
    SSL Madixtreme
    Motu Midi Express 128
    Neve 8816
    Signex Patchbays


    Barefoot MM27
    Yamaha NS10
    Dangerous Music Monitor ST

Preamps - outboard

    API 512C (x2)
    Focusrite ISA 828
    Focusrite ISA 430 (upon request)
    Lindell Audio 6X-500 (x2)
    Sound Skulptor MP573 (x2)
    Focusrite Octopre
    Empirical Labs Distressor EL8X (x2)
    Thermionic Culture The Phoenix Master Compressor
    Klontz Mes-435s Mastering Eq
    Urei 1176 style Compressor/Limiter
    Drip Electronics Opto 6 (LA2A Clone)
    Serpent Audio SB4000 (SSL Clone)
    Radial RMP Pro Reamper
    Korg DTR 2000 Tuner

guitar gear

    Kemper Profiler
    Mesa Boogie 2:One Hundred Rectifier Stereo
    Mesa Boogie Triaxis
    Framus 4x12 Cab (Celestion Vintage30)
    Rocktron Intelliflex Online


    Neumann M147 (upon request)
    Pearlman TM1
    Neumann KM184 (x2)
    AKG C414 ULS (x2)
    AKG 451 EB (x2)
    Audio Technica AT4050
    Sennheiser MD 421 (x3)
    Shure SM81 (x2)
    Shure SM7B
    Shure SM57 (x4)
    Audix i5
    AKG D112 (x2)
    Shure Beta 52A
    Shure Beta 91A
    Shure Beta 57
    Golden Age Project R1 MKII (x2)

did you know?

This is a page for information purposes only. Although we invest a lot in the studio gear, don't make the mistake of thinking this can overcome a poor production. A good product starts from good musicians, good recordings and a good mix.