Mixing and Mastering - Recording Studio Ancona


The most sought out service from us is mixing/mastering, thanks to years of know-how, an accurate acoustic design of the control room and an intimate understanding of Pro Tools.

We can dramatically improve your recording work with our mixing/mastering service. We use an hybrid mix process that combines digital and analog. Our engineer pays attention to every detail and you will hear the difference in your professionally mixed tracks. There is no great record without a great mix. The control room has been designed to work best for mixing. Our engineer knows the room and understands what he is hearing. Anyone can call himself a mixing engineer, but truth lies in sound quality. We have never had a client leave unhappy with a mix.

Mix Rates: Please call or email us for rate information. We try to work within budgets of all sizes and any project has got different price. If you send us an email, please include any information or questions you may have.

Standard Album Mastering: 250 Euros. Stem Album Mastering: 350 Euros. In both options two revisions are included in the price.

It is your responsibility to ensure the multi-tracks provided are ready for mixing. Please do not assume any tuning or timing issues will be automatically resolved. You will be informed, If we notice a lot of tuning or editing issues. If you want tuning or editing revision of your work, the price will be charged. We accept Pro Tools sessions or WAV/AIFF 24 bit files at 44.1, 48, 88.2 and 96kHz. Please send us clearly named files without audio clipping. If you don’t send us a Pro Tools session, you will need to provide us multi-tracks that are consolidated or bounced from the start point of the song. If you have tracks that are depending on a plug-in, always bounce or record this to a new track. Everything should be delivered as audio file. Write us all the informations that we will need. A rough mix is welcome too and a commercially released reference song will help us a lot. This will only be a guide and results will depend on the quality of the tracks provided.