Production Dyne Engine - Recording Studio Ancona


If you need more than just an engineer who pushes the record button, we have what you are searching for. Our full production is the best solution to let your demo/album shine. We can help you from pre-production to the final mastering stage.

If you want to make a qualitative leap in your recording, a professional pair of ears can help: many bands, musicians, songwriters and vocalists have experienced the satisfaction of bringing their material to Dyne Engine Studio to get this magic music production.

Producing a band generally involves working with a group of musicians who are used to play together with their already written material. We can help you to refine the arrangements and the producer will be responsible for both the sound and the quality control, making sure the band is performing at their best. Remember that a good producer can make the difference between a “muddy” record and a great one.

The full production is a solution without compromise and we can offer amazing prices. If you are an expert in home recording, there are a lot of solutions. It is important to make a production plan that fits your budget: we made great records with the formula reamp+mix+mastering. Sometimes, it could be very difficult to record drums on your own: we strongly recommend to record drums in studio. Ambience, mics and preamps could affect your recordings. Also the vocals could sound a lot better with a good mic and a high-end vocal chain.

As the scope of production can vary so widely, please call or email us to discuss your requirements or ask a quote.