Recording Dyne Engine - Recording Studio Ancona


Up to 32 tracks of simultaneous recording with our high-end A/D converter SSL Alpha Link and Pro Tools. You can even record a live demo with perfect acoustic separation between Studio 1 (for drums/guitars/bass) and Studio 2 (mainly for vocals).

A great initial recording is the first step towards a great sounding record, and a great recording is best achieved in a great sounding room with a great engineer.
Our live rooms are equally adept for cutting intimate vocals or getting a great drum sound. Studio 1 is for tracking drums, electric guitars or bass. Studio 2 has an ideal acoustic treatment for tracking vocals and acoustic guitars. Mic pre’s are available from API, Focusrite and Lindell. And a lot of compressors are available too.

Recording rate is 30 Euros for one hour. We offer a great discount in case of multiple hours of recording. All recording prices include a music producer. If you need a session musician, call or send us an email.

1h/30 Euros. 4h/110 Euros. 8h/200 Euros.

We also offer a great deal for 40 hours in studio: 800 Euros. Make sure to check out our blog or our Facebook page. Sometimes we offer amazing deals!